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About the company

Infocell was founded in 2002 in Moscow and since that the company has become a high-tech competence center of expertise in the field of infrastructure integration and services. Today we employ more than one hundred professionals with successful project experience and certifications in solutions and products of award-winning software and hardware manufacturers. Half of them are highly qualified engineers and pre-sales specialists; the other half is involved in taking strategic and operational decisions, project management, customer relations, helping running the business. There is a dedicated Technical Support Center that operates 24х7х365 and is available both for headquarters and regional offices of our customers.

The efficient management and diversification of business ensures stability and competitive market positions of the company. This gives the customers a high level of confidence and allows building long term partnerships.  Infocell has successfully completed over 1500 projects in such economic sectors as oil and gas, finance, energy, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, health and education.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the civilized IT market in Russia by creating new unique quality of interaction with customers based on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

The company's commitment to these principles is confirmed by a solid reputation in the market of information technologies and by the fact that most of our customers have been doing business with us for many years.

Infocell is a company with its history and traditions. Infopark, the conference for our key customers and partners, takes place in one of the hotels outside Moscow every autumn since 2005.  IT Open race, a business regatta, is organized by Infocell and some of our partners every summer since 2009.


Main business activities

System integration. Infocell designs and implements both typical solutions and specific ones based on impressive project experience of our engineers in various sectors of the economy.

Maintenance.  Infocell ensures uninterrupted operation of the customer’s information systems with predictable cost of ownership and availability criteria. We are ready to take on maintenance of a customer’s information system even if it was not built by our experts.

Shipments. Infocell  carries out complex shipments of  hardware and software of world leading manufacturers to our customers. Our specialists can assist in creating proper specifications. If needed the customer gets professional consulting both in hardware and software required for the project.

Services. For more than ten years of practice, the company's specialists have created a vast knowledge base in various technological and economic fields. Deep understanding of how each industry works, what needs it faces and what trends are there at the moment, helps us to find effective solutions for every particular project.


Technological experience

Infocell is certified according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System. It means that the quality of management, operational performance, all internal processes of the company meet international requirements thus ensuring the highest level of service to our customers.

Infocell has all necessary Russian FSS (Federal Security Service, known as FSB) and FSTEC (Federal Service for Technical and Export Control) licenses to work with information which is a state secret; to distribute and maintain cryptographic facilities; to technically protect confidential data.

Infocell is authorized to carry out works influencing safety of objects of capital construction.

Infocell is a partner of leading world hardware and software manufacturers and developers of innovative solutions in the field of information technologies. We have all the necessary levels of competence and professional authorizations to ensure optimal solutions to our customers. Currently the company has over 30 partner statuses and about 200 technological specializations.